How to Choose a Western Saddle

Choosing A Western Saddle

Do you know how to properly choose a western saddle? Choosing the wrong western saddle for your horse is a huge mistake, why? The first reason is it will cost you a huge amount of money, and secondly it will give you headaches. 

When it comes to western saddle, it is very important that you know the proper method. In the first place, people have different body size, as well as the saddle. We all know that there are different kind of styles available in the market with so many features. One of the big question is, what is the right saddle size for you? The answer for this is, it depends. Before starting to make a decision, you might want to continue reading this article until the very end, it will help you avoid an expensive mistake for your western saddle.

The right western saddle for you.

The first thing you need to consider before buying a saddle is the type of saddle that you need. There are different many different saddles with different purpose, you need to consider the activities that you and your horse are going to participate. This only means that for every activity, there is always the right saddle. For example, when we say a roping saddle has a double rigging and it is well anchored horn, it is designed for maximum freedom of movement for the horse rider. In reality it is not necessary to have all types of activities, but having the right one for a particular activity will surely make easier for you and your horse. Just like the horse racing, you do not want to have a big and heavy western saddle for your horse if you really want to win the competition. For many horse owners, they always have a ranch saddle because it is one of the most flexible to use.

Having the wrong saddle will surely affect the performance and health of your horse, you will notice it from the action and behavior, this will give you a hint how poorly the saddle seat fit. Of course, when you are not comfortable, you can also feel that you have the wrong one. In some cases, the horse is comfortable while the rider is not, it is not good. It will put you in a wrong riding position. The best thing to do is to test as many as the western saddle as you can, until you finally get the perfect saddle not just for your horse, but also for yourself.

Tips for you.

Your horse has a life, you need to understand that every pet is like a human. They grow, they also experience body changes and many other things. Just like you, a horse also needs to feel comfortable in order to perform well and meet your expectation. You do not want to make things complicated for yourself and your horse.

If you are trying to find the perfect western saddle, or having a personalized one for your horse, is only a temporary solution, it will not last forever. There is no such thing, a perfect saddle does not exist. You need to know that your horse keeps improving throughout the year. You can have the perfect saddle this year, but it will not be the perfect one for the next coming year. When it comes to buying a western saddle seat, you also need to consider the breed of your horse and any physical features. It is not difficult to get the saddle seat that will fit to your horse. There are many well known saddle shop that allow their client to have a trial period or fitting time, so you can test your saddle on your horse. It is really a good deal, but there is always a restocking fee when you returned it, and it must be in new condition. Be open minded when it comes to this kind of situation. The budget is also very important, you need to know how much you are willing to spend for a western saddle. Just like the other products and devices in the market, the higher the price, the better the performance. It will also give you a high quality materials and design, on the other hand you need to be wise. You do not want to pay for something too expensive, yet with really poor quality. You might want to choose a well known brand name, because it is tested and trusted.

Always remember that a good western saddle will last for a long year, that is why you need to do an inspection from small details to big details. You need to find a western saddle with a really good condition. When it comes to riding a horse and choosing the right saddle, you need to make sure that it will give you a safety and fun result.