by: Abetta

  • Abetta® proudly introduces the first synthetic saddle built for the popular draft horse. Features include tough, scratch-resistant 1000 denier Nylon laminated to shock absorbing foam on a Draft Horse size Fiber-Tough tree.Tree: Draft Horse Fiber-Tough tree.

    Cantle: 4 in. highback with Nylon binder
    Horn: 2-1/2 in. leather covered
    Rigging: 7/8 Nylon-leather half breed with Stainless dees
    Finish: Tough, scratch-resistant black 1000 denier Nylon laminated over shock absorbing foam with engraved silver trim in Black.
    Stirrups: 2" Bell with no-slip tread
    Weight: 19 lbs.

    No. 20552-6BK - 16 in. Seat 
    No. 20552-7BK - 17 in. Seat 


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